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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 8, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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is live for us in oakland. where the community is on edge tonight. scott? >> scott: they are very frightened. it's not only frightening for people who go to this jam but also for the people who work at this gem. this all happened at the other day around 4:00. although we know right now is that it was a middle-aged woman who was wearing workout clothes was attacked and stabbed to death. this was right behind the downtown oakland ymca. the employees of have been warning patrons of what happened. >> it's scary because nothing like that should happen in this part of oakland.
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>> it's scary because i'm a woman and there's a lot ed kids around here employs are scared to go to their car at night. >> scott: very little details right now. i reached out to the oakland police department that they have not responded. >> vicki: a house fire in santa rosa is leaving eight people displaced tonight. one of those eight people has a new roof over his head. at the sonoma county jail. kron four's dan rubin is joining us live from the home that burned down and more on the suspicious fire. dan? >> dan: this is actual the room where the fire investigators started the whole fire.
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firefighters got here within five minutes. the fire spread very quickly. i'm going to take this off the tripod here and give you look around. you can see the complete destruction. it started in this room then spread to this kitchen area where you can see it does not resemble a kitchen anymore. we have a lot of damage here, with eight people displaced. the suspect is samuel alvarez is behind bars right now. i did get a chance to speak with some of the residents or former residents you should say: >> i was in the room and someone told me we gotta get out without a doubt.
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>> it really to be by surprise. >> summoned amount and threw a bucket on the fire but it didn't do anything. >> the man who started it had an argument with someone. >> vicki: pleasanton police are looking for two men after an armed robbery at a shopping mall. police say the men approached a car saturday afternoon. in the stoneridge mall parking lot. they allegedly attempted to take the car.and threatened the driver with a shotgun. the owner told them there were children in the backseat. and the men decided to take personal property instead. both men fled in a waiting car. a man is wanted for a petaluma
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car burglary from late last month. these are pictures from february twenty-fifth. they are from a target in petaluma where a credit card stolen from the card was used. police believe this man took the card from another man's car. then made purchases at local businesses. police are hoping these pictures can lead to an arrest. auto thieves running rampant in the city of fremont. on friday alone -- police say at least six cars were stolen from three used-car dealerships. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports -- the dealerships say this has been a growing problem. >> "the original breakin-in -- the first one on sunday night was through this door here. i guess they ended up going to the back of my lot, picking out a shovel i have out in the back over there. they came, smashed a window. so, the next morning is when i actually upgraded my security system and i added one more to capture anyone who walks through this door day or night. when they came back, they break in the side window that time. they can see my lockbox is right here, so they smashed the window right next to it and then
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they can grab some keys." >> phillipe: on three separtate occasion in seven days. the manager of no credit check auto sales thornton avenue. omar tahib says this group of what appears to be young men have broken into his shop. stealing 13 pairs of keys and five cars. so far, only two cars have been recovered. >> "here's their lookout guys." >> phillipe: firs they scout the place, then when the coast is clear, bust in. >> "they just all split and pretty much ransack the place." gulf fully >> phillipe: this surveillance video was taken friday morning. when tahib says the thieves made off with another car. just moments before breaking into phantom motors next door. where this window is now boarded up. and, rushing the business, seen in this video -- before swiping two cars. >> "their motive is to get the keys, get the cars and get out as soon as they can." >> phillipe: the dealerships we've spoken with say that auto thefts are becoming such a major issue that they're considering storing their keys and the car titles for all of the cars on their lots at a separate location to ensure that they don't become victims again.
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>> "basically all of the expenses and everything are coming out of our pocket." >> phillipe: alex zemari owns phantom motors. he says when you add h&r automotive down the road to the mix, which police say also had three cars stolen during the week in a similar fashion. enough is enough. >> "no respect, no shame, and it seems to me that they're fearless." in fremont, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> vicki: it's exactly one year after malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished without a trace. investigators say the plane's captain and crew showed no signs of stress before it took off. plus.the plane's pinger batteries had expired. these details come from the first interim report released today by the malaysian government. richard quest details the report. >> >> reporter: hundreds of pages are now being released by the malaysian government. we still
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do not know why the plane went missing or where it ended up. the report gave a very detailed description of that airplane and its crew. on the question of the pilots there is simply no evidence that the captain was unstable. in fact descriptions from friends and employees say that he was good under stress. and he had no changes in lifestyle or other stresses before this happened. neither the captain or co-pilot had financial problems before this happened. there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary before the plane disappearance.
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the underwater locator: its batteries had access actually expired. previously we had been told they're good but we know now that they were not. >> vicki: danica weeks' husband was a passenger on flight m-h 3- 70. he asked her to look after his wedding ring before he got on the plane, and she wears it on a chain as a necklace. for the past year, the mother of two has been desparately searching for answers, unable to come to terms with the fact that her husband is gone.
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>> "you create your own scenarios in your head and you can't bear to think that someone, your best friend, amazing husband, the father of my children, went through any of that. i don't want that for him. it's not knowing that really destroys you." >> vicki: danica says she will never stop searching for her husband and hopes there will be some information about the missing plane soon. today - is international women's day - a day of action globally to demand equality for women. one protest here in san francisco was aimed at catholic archbishop salvatore cordileone and his morality clause for catholic high school teachers- which outlines church teachings that homosexuality, sex outside marriage, and abortion are 'gravely evil'. as kron 4's mike pelton shows us the protest drew a heated debate on both sides. >> mike: heated words outside st
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mary's cathedral where on sunday protest - prevailed over prayer >> what he's trying to impose on people is a dark ages morality that is harmful >> mike: joey johnson is among a handful of protestors rallying against archbishop salvatore cordileone and his morality clausewhich applies to catholic high school teachers >> you can interpret the bible however you want. tom helped >> mike: and outlines church teachings that homosexuality sex outside marriage and abortion are gravely evil >> you can interpret the bible however you want but if it's going to further oppress people that needs to be opposed >> mike: amidst the anger and outrage - members of the catholic church say this is about preaching the right message >> i don't think it is strange
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for the archbishop to say you should conform to the catholic teaching >> mike: caroline ekstedt - vocally showed her support for the archbishop >> if you're a catholic teacher you teach catholic doctrine. and catholic doctrine says abortion is wrong >> mike: and as for the teachers who oppose the morality clause >> if they're unable and unwilling to uphold we aren't losing anythingthey are welcome to leave >> mike: protestors, though - say that's unfair thinking >> i am opposed to the enslavement of anyone, anywhere >> mike: while protestors hope their fight marches on - members of the church hope the archbishop holds strong. in san francisco mike pelton, kron 4 news >> vicki: if you were trying to get around on the embarcadero by car, it was tough today. but for those who got out of their automobiles, the streets of san francisco were a little kinder and gentler. it's called "sunday streets".
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coming up at eight. the big incentive governor brown is offering colleges to improve graduation rates. plus.despite conservation efforts.water rates are going up. why water agencies say they have no choice. and next. a mother dies in car crash.but her baby survives after their car flips over into a river.
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>> vicki: a fisherman in northern utah made a shocking discovery this weekend. he spotted a car overturned in the water. and saw that there was a baby inside. rescuers found the 18-month-old baby strapped in a car seat. alive! miraculously the baby survived being inside the car for more than 13 hours. carly figuro-a has more. >> "there was a fisherman that came to fish along the river and noticed the vehicle in the river, called 911." >> reporter: when first responders arrived to the scene at main street and arrowhead trail drive, they found an overturned dodge caliber partially submerged in the spanish fork river below. inside the car was a 25-year- old mother from springville and her 18-month-old baby girl. >> "there was also about a one-
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year-old infant inside the vehicle. the infant was taken to a local hospital, and my information is that child has now been flown to primary children's in salt lake." >> reporter: police say the woman and baby were coming from her parents' home in salem, just a few miles south when she veered off the road. >> "i have been able to confirm she had visited some family in salem last night around 10 o'clock. she left salem between 10 and 10:30 last night, was headed home to springville. the family didn't know that she did not arrive." >> reporter: a resident in the area recalls hearing a loud noise around 10:30, 11 o'clock friday night but said nothing was visible at the time. the fisherman didn't spot the vehicle until 12:30 the next afternoon. >> "where the car was at you couldn't see it from the road way." >> vicki: it's unclear if the baby was covered by water, which was apparently frigid. seven of the rescuers were treated at a hospital for hypothermia. as of this morning, the baby was listed in critical condition at the hospital. as the multi-year drought
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continues, bay area residents face price hikes for water usage. water agencies say they need to increase rates because they are selling a lot less water as customers conserve due to the drought. because they have sold less water, the agencies have lost millions of dollars in revenue. the companies had to spend more money to buy water from a southern california water bank. these agencies serve about 80 percent of the bay area's population. from 11 to four if it this afternoon is called sunday streets. the streets were flooded with the bikes and trikes and all kinds of wheeled vehicles. this is happening and about eight other locations around the city throughout all
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kinds of neighborhoods. big new attractions are coming to tahoe. the u-s forest service has tentatively approved a major tahoe resort in expansion. it includes power mainlines and mao and coasters. resort owners hope of the amenities will in crease tourism by about 40%. >> brian: the snowpack is about 15 to 20% of average. it looks like we will slip further into this drought as we go into this summer. we have temperatures in the upper 70's. with a stronger sea breeze and low clouds that has
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brought us lower temperatures. live past half ago san francisco international airport. you can see the clouds coming in. the clubs will be more extensive tomorrow morning than the word today. with the exception of the ocean will have sunshine in the afternoon everywhere. the clouds will continue to fill in to the bay fairly gray even with spotty drizzle then the low clouds back out with a gray
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skies at the beaches and sunshine everywhere else. temperatures will go to the low to mid '70's in the south bay very close to what we had today . these numbers will be about five to 10 degrees above average. we will have up 66 through load to miss it mid-70s around the bay. >> vicki: california is offering fifty million dollars to colleges. for finding ways for students to graduate in less time. governor brown says the solutions must also be cost- effective. the money will be decided by a seven member committee and the winners will be named later in the month. fifty-two schools are competing for the money. the schools' ideas will be presented on monday in sacramento to the panel. next.
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a top senator and bay area politician.chiming on a growing controversy. why diane feinstein is urging hillary clinton to explain why she used her private email account while she was the country's top diplomat. >> i take my cameras to menlo park to see what drivers a doing around train tracks i will show you on the next edition of people behaving badly
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>> stanley: pay close attention the drivers trying to beat the crossing arms at ravenswood ave caltrains crossing in menlow park how about this ladies pushing strollers also trying to beat the crossing arm it happens more than you think last second decisions that could have life changing results. recently a driver was hit and killed at these very same tracks and one would tend to think that would be a wakeup call for people to stay off the tracks,
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iv'e said it once and i'll say it again you can only get hit if you are on the tracks this driver of this pick up truck sat on the tracks and i started recording, the driver was stuck because traffic from jammed all the way from el camino real on moment he moved up a few inches behind the car in front but still on the active tracks where trains travel up to 79 miles per hour the driver sat on the tracks for a whopping 1 minute and 8 seconds, which could seem like a lifetime if a trin were approaching the law states you must be at 15 feet from any active train tracks and trhere are signs that read do not stop on the tracks a sign this driver in the grey pruis faild to read, it just so happens officer bayers from the menlo police department saw her and pulled her over >> sot so whey did you go, i didn't know what way i could stop but you say all the cars back up right and you say the rail road tracks right
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>> stanley: i tried to talk to the driver, well listen in >> i don't know i just don't know. >> stanley: you stopped on the tracks how come i don't know i just don't know do you what happended here the other day a lady was killed for the same reason she was issued a ticket which is a bargain when you think about the price of getting hit by a train in menlo park stanley roberts kron 4 news coming up at 8:30. losing her hands and feet but still able to care for her children. we'll show you the heart-warming story of a mother who returns to thank the people who saved her life. a police chief with a penchant for high heels and hookers gets snagged in a sting and loses his job. tonight, video of that under- cover operation. >> jason: how the giants are dealing with a loss of underpants. all tonight at 9
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after the news.
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>> vicki: still ahead. the town of ferguson still stinging from a federal report citing a pattern of racial discrimination coming up, ferguson's mayor says he can shed light on racist e- mails from city employees. why an east coast school district is forcing kids to attend classes on saturday. plus.another officer-involved shooting that's putting one city on edge tonight. details of what may have led to
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the teen's death.
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>> vicki: anger and frustration rang out in the streets of wisconsin after a police officer killed an unarmed teen. a crowd gathered outside the house where tony robinson was killed. they held signs and chanted demanding justice. robinson was 19-years-old. this is another police-involved shooting that has captured the attention of the nation. investigators say the teen assaulted an officer before he was killed. according to public records -- robinson had a criminal history. madison's police chief wouldn't comment on the man's history with law enforcement. a man is dead after investigators say he pointed a rifle at police. the shooting happened early sunday morning in oklahoma city.
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investigators say they were called to a party.which turned deadly quickly. when officers arrived -- they say the man pointed a rifle directly at police. when the man didn't drop the gun -- an officer shot and killed him. no one else was hurt. in ferguson, missouri, department of justice investigators quote several explicit e-mails sent and forwarded by city employees that demonstrate a pattern of racial discrimination. ferguson's mayor talks about shedding light on these e-mails. >> it's important to recognize that the mayor and the city council and city of ferguson are part-time public servants who oversee, you know, we hire a professional staff to oversee and administrate on a daily basis what goes on in the city of ferguson. some of these thing, e-mail, absolutely we will not tolerate in this community. they showed some bias that is intolerable and those are things we acted on immediately but those are things that as the mayor, as the city council we don't monitor on a daily basis everyone's e- mails and some of these practices, i think, that have come to light and some of these stories are new to many of us
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especially at least the length in which the doj states that it occurred. >> vicki: "hands up don't shoot" became a rallying cry in the wake of the michael brown shooting in ferguson, missouri. protesters have shouted it in streets across the country. but the justice department investigation has cast doubt on whether brown's hands were up when he was shot. in their reported findings they believe brown's hands were not up at the time brown was shot. but despite these findings the hands up, don't shoot movement lives: >> it become so ingrained in the protests and the minds of the people that believe done something. >> vicki: suntrust testers say that it's about the meaning more than whether actually happened >> vicki: senator dianne feinstein is urging hillary clinton to explain her actions using a private, non-government
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email account while she was the country's top diplomat. feinstein believes if clinton does not speak up about issue it will eventually hurt her. clinton is considered the front runner for the democratic party's 20-16 presidential nomination, but hasn't entered the race yet. clinton has turned over all relevant emails, totaling 55- thousand pages, to the state department for review. a lawyer is speaking out saying there is no evidence of the identity of jihadi john. the isis leader was believed to be unmasked as mohammed emwazi last month. he is depicted in several isis videos speaking for the organization. the lawyer used to represent emwazi's father. he said in a statement that the information spread in the media is just rumors. now the lawyer says he filed lawsuits against who he believed started them. however, he would not elaborate on the cases. government officials say emwazi is jihadi john. five men are behind bars today either charged or suspected in the shooting of kremlin critic boris nemtsov. the suspects appeared in a moscow court, where two of them were charged in connection with the shooting of nemtsov as he walked across a bridge on february 27-th.
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the other three men remain in jail pending the filing of charges. law enforcement officials have not released any details of how the five men were involved. investigators in russia are considering several possible motives for why these men wanted to kill nemtsov. photos and video in big story link the south-african salvation army has used the popularity of a polarizing dress to bring awareness to an important issue. the lighting of the photo made some people see the dress as blue while others thought it was white. the salvation army's clever new ad shows the dress in a new light.and how it relates to domestic abuse. hala gorani reports >> reporter: after an entertaining frenzy about what color "the dress" was salvation army in south africa siezed the opportunity to voice a much stronger message cnn's hala gorani details the exploitation for good. >> reporter: it was the dress that divided the internet. black
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and blue or white and gold -- it was the only question people cared about last week. at its peak the dress had 140,000 page views per minute , according to tumblr within four days.seventy three million clicks now the meme is being used to make a far more serious point. the salvation in south africa army asks why it's so hard to see black and blue. driving home the brutal statistic: that one in six women in south africa are victims of domestic abuse. >> "we all enjoyed the idea that we could look at this dress and see different things, but to look at it again with new eyes and see this image that depicts somebody who is suffering domestic violence has the power to really reach people that otherwise wouldnt take notice of this message and we would certainly encourage people to take advice, to seek help if theyre suffering from domestic violence" >> reporter: the salvation army was not the only organization trying to capitalize on the buzz. others jumped on it.with varying success. digital media experts say companies should involve themselves in these online conversations.and need to be
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quick off the mark >> "the companies that are set up to respond in social media are going to be the more successful ones, youve got to have people who understand the medium of the internet - who really understand the tone and the language of it and then it's just about having a great idea" >> reporter: a powerful message and a clever idea. old fashioned ingredients that are still vital in the new media age. hala gorani, cnn london >> vicki: what kid would give up a saturday to attend missed school days? we'll show you the students who are only too happy to have a warm classroom to study in.
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>> vicki: after a snowy winter -- students in a school district in maine will have to make up lost school days by attending classes on several saturdays. the superintendent of regional school unit 13 says parents were given on online survey to choose how they wanted to make- up the lost days. the winning option was to forfeit april vacation. but that was rejected because too many people had already booked vacations that couldn't be refunded.
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>> "it's an inconvenience but the bottom line is, i don't have any choice. i need to provide for 175 days of instruction by law for these students and that's what i intend to do." >> vicki: students will attend classes four saturdays -- two in march, one in april and one in may. >> brian: " no need for a snow day here that's for sure. there are clouds over san francisco international airport which is far ahead of a storm out over the notion that will bring a little of light rain midweek. and when i say light rain i mean a few hundredths of an inch. monday great in the morning with some drizzle possible. sunshine in the
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afternoon with the exception of the coast. the system will bring clouds tuesday. we will be warming up thursday into friday . the storm system in the pacific is a holding pattern is going to, tap into some tropical weather from hawaii. unfortunately most of it will come into the pacific nor what northwest in the british columbia. as this system gets closer we see tuesday will be cloudy and a few sprinkles. the more significant of the rain which
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is actually not very significant will be wednesday morning. the best short will be in the north bay. thursday and friday will be warming up. friday temperatures could be in the upper 70's into the 80s. >> vicki: a road rage confrontation-- all caught on camera in west palm beach, florida. watch the two men on bikes cross a busy intersection. a pick-up truck comes up on them, then turns his vehicle directly into one cyclist's path, hitting him. the man stumbles, but recovers quickly and heads straight for the driver, who jumps out of the truck--and punches the cyclist. officers arrested the 28-year- old truck driver, who faces aggravated assault charges. the police chief who gets into double trouble and loses his job.
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coming up, new undercover video of the cop who thought he was hiring two hookers, but instead fell for a sting operation.
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>> vicki: we are learning more about a prostitution sting that led to the arrest of a florida police chief. the man lost his job shortly after he was arrested on suspicion of soliciting prostitution. now, authorities have released video of the sting. hatzel vela reports. >> reporter: from this can see him walk inside room 423. former miami gardens police chief stephen johnson greeted by a woman he thinks is a prostitute. >> "i'm becca." >> reporter: but the two women were undercover detectives. reports say johnson responded to an online ad for a two-girl special. johnson had requested the ladies wear heels. a fetish of his.police say he told the women.
8:45 pm
>> "oh no! listen, we keep it fresh. i'm talking about. she said you wanted heels, right? you got the." >> "yep." >> reporter: 53 year old johnson nods. then he's asked if 100 bucks is okay, to which he agrees. seconds later he takes out the cash. >> "you'll get changed.yea." >> reporter: johnson lays in one of the ladies says she's going to change. >> "so where you coming from? work." >> reporter: johnson says he just came from work. seconds later,.cops show up. >> "turn around, turn around." >> reporter: johnson.with hands behind his escorted out. hours later, after leaving jail the former chief told was totally out of character. the result of a stressful week at work. >> "it was a bad decision and i can't explain why because i can't explain that feeling that came over in dealing with the situations that i had to deal with today." >> reporter: earlier in the week.he had to deal with the family of lavall hall, a mentally ill man his officers shot.
8:46 pm
and that same day.a 10 year old girl was hit by an unmarked car one of his officers was driving. >> "how do you explain this twice in one week to a family after dealing with that?" t >> vicki: it was in that same interview that the chief apologized to the community. new york jets running back chris johnson has been hurt in a drive-by shooting in orlando. it happened early this morning. johnson was hit in the shoulder. another passenger was also hit. both of them were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition. but the driver of the car they were in was killed in the shooting. police say the victims tell them an unknown vehicle pulled up next to them at a red light and opened fire. the suspects in the shooting got away. >> gabe: tomorrow this makeshift tech check will be full of hundreds of smart phones with out their owners. the attendees check in their phone where they
8:47 pm
are device free for the evening . levi and his crew are setting up for the big unplug coming up this next weekend. this is an analog party. >> the average american spends six to nine hours a day on a screen and that the idea is to disconnect so they can reconnect with the community. >> gabe: they don't want any work talk or networking. they wanted to talk about playing: puzzles drawing old school typewriter's pie eating contests. >> we want people to make a branch of friendship bracelets
8:48 pm
and we have all kinds of arts and crafts. we have nine bands playing. it will be an amazing night were people are celebrating and dancing. >> vicki: actress cate blanchett is expanding her family, and john stamos visited his old san francisco stomping grounds. jeremy roth has those stories and more in today's hollywood minute. >> jeremy: cate blanchett might be playing a cruel stepmother in disney's cinderella. >> "you shall not go to the ball." >> jeremy: but in real life the actress is overjoyed to be welcoming a new daughter. people reports blanchett and husband andrew upton recently adopted a girl. edith upton is the first daughter for the couple. the pair already have three sons. john stamos returned to the house that helped make him famous. and managed to remain unnoticed. the full house actor posted a picture of himself standing outside the show's now iconic san francisico home. as you can see. fans taking pictures of the house have no idea uncle jesse is standing right behind them. chappie is number one at the box
8:49 pm
office. the story of a robot that can think and feel made an estimated 13 million dollars in its opening weekend. con artist flick, "focus," fell to number two in its second week. making more than 10 million dollars. british sequel "the second best marigold hotel" came in third with a little over 8 million. for hollywood minute. i'm jeremy roth. >> vicki: a team in france found a tomb dating back 25 hundred years. they believe it's from the fifth century b-c. the grave has greek and possibly some ancient italian artifacts. take a look -- some of the finds include a bronze wine cauldron. they also found a chariot. a team has been digging at this site since october. they have dated it to the end of the first iron age. archaeologists say this is one of the largest recorded tombs for this period. researchers hope this site could help shed light on the iron age european trade. a young mother loses her hands and feet. but her life is saved. coming up, the emotional moment when she returns to thank the medical team who helped her.
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>> vicki: the diagnosis changed her life forever - it was this day, one year ago, a richardson mom learned she had an infection that would require her feet and hands to be amputated. jennifer lindgren shows us why the people who helped save her life, cried tears of happiness today. >> reporter: when the icu staff at baylor plano planned this party, they brought a cake and a banner.but no card. >> "amazing. that's the only word i had for her."
8:53 pm
>> reporter: they couldn't find one with the right words to describe kathryn kuehn. >> "we said it when she was in the hospital and we still say it, she is absolutely the strongest woman that we've ever known." >> reporter: when doctors diagnosed kuehn with organ failure and septic shock amputation was the prognosis. >> "it wasn't a choice. i did not have a choice about it. i just kind of deal with what i have." >> reporter: for this 41 year old wife and mother - living for her family, was the only option. and the doctors and nurses encouraged her. >> "i just would like to get back to being me and normal - the new normal i should say." >> "it's hard on the families to make those decisions, the doctors, are we doing the right things to this younger lady, taking all these parts off is she going to be ok." >> reporter: she spent three months in the icu, then two months in therapy to learn to use her new limbs. the whole time remembering a promise made to her caregivers. >> "i remember telling her i can't wait for the day you come back and walk in here and see
8:54 pm
us." >> "i've come a long way in a year." >> "that was just mindblowing for us. incredible amount of courage and strength from her." >> reporter: words are one thing - >> "you're doing awesome. we're so proud of you. - i couldn't have done it without yall." >> reporter: kuehn's courage was the sight they needed to see. in plano, jennifer lindgren, cbs 11 news. >> vicki: you've heard of the annual running of the bulls. but how about the running of the reindeer? its an alaskan tradition that not a lot of people know about. the race is part of the fur rendezvous winter festival, known locally as "fur rondy" the goal? make a mad dash down the streets of anchorage in an effort to outrun reindeer. more than 25-hundred people and 22 reindeer took part in the race. unlike the running of the bulls in spain, the risk of someone getting seriously hurt is lower. this is the 8th year for the event, which raises money for toys for tots.
8:55 pm
an eight-year-old girl tries to terminate "the terminator" in chess. chess phenom emma cheng took on arnold schwarzenegger at a kids expo in ohio. emma is the fourth highest rated chess player under the age of nine in the country. she also ranks third out of all grade school students in ohio. schwarzenegger has an impressive resume, the former bodybuilder and former california governor is also pretty good at chess. but he only played a few moves before forfeiting the game. i think he was overmatched. join jason applebaum and bip roberts as they break down the warriors latest win. and discussed the san francisco giants hunter pence hunter
8:56 pm
pence. >> brian: will have clouds in the morning but will have a similar morning tomorrow. if you wonder why so dark outside it's because we change the clock. we'll see the sun shine for much of the afternoon except for the coast and temperatures will be warm mid to upper 70's. as well as a person sees. this form system will be here wednesday. >> vicki: that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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>> jason: stephen curry and the warriors overcome the clippers but it's what happened after the game that tipped off one of the players. it's the end of an era in san francisco. where frank gore is headed. and we will discuss japan's life hunter pence.


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